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CRESIT Energy has been in the Energy Assesment & Photovoltaic Consulting business for the past ten years. We want to provide the most reliable and energy saving products to our customers and we also want to provide education about sustainable energy options to as many people as possible. Each of us at CRESIT have our favorite energy saving tip and wich we are happy to share with you. If you want to hear more about PV, Wind Turbines, On-Grid/Off-Grid/Dual Solar, Energy Efficient Lighting and Hot Water Heaters, follow us on Twitter @RobertKulick and 'Like' us on Facebook.


Click here to read some up to date news articles that relate to sustainable & solar energy.


CRESIT provides informative and educational classes about sustainable energy and photovoltaic systems for communities and groups throughout the year. Please see our calendar of upcoming events to find out when our next lecture will be held OR call us if you would like us to speak at your next event or meeting. Our president, Robert Kulick, has a wealth of information and is a wonderful, warm teacher.

The CRESIT team's Favorite Tips


Robert Kulick, President/Founder



Install programmable thermostats and use them! In the winter, program your thermostat to keep the house cooler while you are sleeping and when you are not at home during the day. You will be surprised by the energy savings you see after making this small adjustment. 


Vicki Erickson, Office Manager



Use natural lighting. Open curtains & shades during the day instead of using lighting. Consider skylights & solar tubes during remodeling and new construction design. This will allow for maximum use of natural daylight.


Leah Derby, Office Assistant



In the heat of summer, it's a great practice to open windows and let the breeze flow through if you are trying to not run the AC. But don't forget to button up the house during the day. By closing the shades and blinds against the sun on the East, West and South sides of your home, you will help keep your home cool and help to keep your AC from running quite as much.

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